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Sod Installation

SKB Industries seeks out the best quality on Tifway 419 Bermuda sod and Emerald Zoysia sod. Above all, we offer quick and easy delivery with a variety of options for how you would like to receive your turf including 42″ x 250′ megarolls.

Benefits of Professional Sod Installation

Curb Appeal

Sod makes business landscapes look great. It creates a welcoming and professional appearance that attracts more customers. It's like giving the business a makeover that leaves a good impression.

Fast setup!

Sod gives you an instant lawn, unlike planting seeds that take a long time to grow. Businesses can use the area sooner without waiting, making sod a quick fix.

Expert Work

Experts laying sod guarantee the same good grass everywhere. It makes a tough, long-lasting surface that can handle lots of people walking on it.

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What other businesses think


Stellar company to work with. Their Landscape Maintenance has been great for my business. I haven't used them for any project work yet, but looking at their portfolio I know they would kill it with any projects we need!

Cameron Loertscher


...I wanted to give a true and professional review of SKB Industries and Steve Bell. They must be doing things right when their competitors give them 5 Star ratings and admire their finished projects after observing them for 34 years.

Frank Flanders

Commercial Landscaping Guarantee

Our commercial landscaping business was built on our commitment to our clients. A commitment that means we design, install and maintain landscaping to fit each of your projects’ needs. Our main focus is to provide unmatched service that exceeds our client’s expectations and results that help showcase your commercial property.

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