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Seasonal Flower Rotation

SKB Industries’ award-winning commercial floral design program is unique in that it is all-inclusive. All fertilizers, soil amendments, and pesticides necessary for the preparation, installation, and maintenance required for stellar flower beds are included in your price. With your input, our certified landscape designer can plan your beds with your budget in mind. The goal is to deliver show-stopping beds that will enhance your business's curb appeal.

Benefits of Professional Flower Rotation

Curb Appeal

Beautiful flowers boost your brand image by showing attention to detail, care for the environment, and creating a welcoming atmosphere that customers love.

Increased Foot Traffic

Seasonal flower rotations attract attention and curiosity from passersby, potentially increasing foot traffic for retail businesses as customers are drawn in by the distinct colors

Expert Work

Experts create seamless floral designs, nailing it from the start. No hassle, just top-quality arrangements tailored for your business.

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Stellar company to work with. Their Landscape Maintenance has been great for my business. I haven't used them for any project work yet, but looking at their portfolio I know they would kill it with any projects we need!

Cameron Loertscher


...I wanted to give a true and professional review of SKB Industries and Steve Bell. They must be doing things right when their competitors give them 5 Star ratings and admire their finished projects after observing them for 34 years.

Frank Flanders

Commercial Landscaping Guarantee

Our commercial landscaping business was built on our commitment to our clients. A commitment that means we design, install and maintain landscaping to fit each of your projects’ needs. Our main focus is to provide unmatched service that exceeds our client’s expectations and results that help showcase your commercial property.

Flower Bed Preparation

Flower Installation


Your personalized commercial floral design begins months prior to the actual landscaping installation. We research nurseries, growers, and trade literature to keep abreast of new market trends. We want our flower beds to be the best in the city. Your satisfaction is paramount to our success.

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