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Commercial Irrigation Installation

SKB Industries employs its own irrigation crew to maintain existing systems on our clients’ properties and install systems on new construction projects.

Benefits of Commercial Irrigation Installation

expert Work

Getting it done by pros means your irrigation system is well-planned to save water, cutting waste and preserving resources.


Experts set up a durable irrigation system that lasts. It means fewer fixes, reliable performance, and protects your landscape investment for a long time


With extensive experience, we've mastered commercial landscape irrigation systems, working across various projects to ensure top-notch results.

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What other businesses think


Stellar company to work with. Their Landscape Maintenance has been great for my business. I haven't used them for any project work yet, but looking at their portfolio I know they would kill it with any projects we need!

Cameron Loertscher


...I wanted to give a true and professional review of SKB Industries and Steve Bell. They must be doing things right when their competitors give them 5 Star ratings and admire their finished projects after observing them for 34 years.

Frank Flanders

Commercial Landscaping Guarantee

Our commercial landscaping business was built on our commitment to our clients. A commitment that means we design, install and maintain landscaping to fit each of your projects’ needs. Our main focus is to provide unmatched service that exceeds our client’s expectations and results that help showcase your commercial property.


Spring start-up and fall winterization are included as part of our irrigation maintenance contract. There is no additional charge for this service. A member of our maintenance team visits your property regularly to identify any irrigation issues. Early detection of a broken line, leaking valve or broken head by us decreases wasted water and monetary losses for you.


Our commercial irrigation installation crew installs new systems according to certified plans. We can also create schematic diagrams designed in-house by our irrigation specialists.


Irrigation technology has come a long way in the past decade. Smart controllers are able to determine how much water should be supplied to a landscape by the commercial irrigation system using rain gauges and soil moisture sensors.  These controllers can be programmed to consider plant type, amount of sun/shade, degree of slope, and municipal drought restrictions. SKB uses Rainbird’s line of ESP controllers for its dollar value and ease of programming.

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