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Commercial Landscape Installation

For over thirty years, SKB Industries has beautified Atlanta and the surrounding regions by installing commercial landscapes. Our expertise in commercial landscape installation includes the largest rooftop garden constructed in Atlanta to Class A office buildings, distribution sites, sports fields, schools, and the list goes on.

Benefits of Professional Landscape Installation

Curb Appeal

Give your business a look that draws potential customers in.

City Compliance

We know the city and state rules so you get a beautiful landscape without concern that you may get in trouble.

Expert Installation

Let SKB Industries Install your new landscape. We install your landscape just right, paying close attention to get it done how you want it.

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What other businesses think

Frank Flanders

...I wanted to give a true and professional review of SKB Industries and Steve Bell. They must be doing things right when their competitors give them 5 Star ratings and admire their finished projects after observing them for 34 years.

Patrick Bishop

They do great work.

Commercial Landscaping Guarantee

Our commercial landscaping business was built on our commitment to our clients. A commitment that means we design, install and maintain landscaping to fit each of your projects’ needs. Our main focus is to provide unmatched service that exceeds our client’s expectations and results that help showcase your commercial property.

The Process

Whether your project’s budget is $5,000 or $5,000,000, SKB’s installation division gives you quality work that you never have to worry about. We have the right equipment and the experienced manpower to properly and efficiently complete any installation project. Have a special need? We can accommodate that. Want hard-to-find plants? We have developed close relationships with some of the top growers in the state of Georgia, allowing us to secure the best plants at the best pricing. Our Sales and estimating department will work closely with you to perfect a budget and plan based on your exact specifications.

Go Green

SKB Industries has also been very involved with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) projects, and our commercial landscape installation division has completed numerous projects over the last few years.

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