Georgia International Plaza

Atlanta, GA

The Georgia International Plaza was built to link three venues – The Georgia Dome, The Georgia World Congress Center, and Philips Arena.  It served as a vibrant gathering area for attendees of Atlanta’s biggest party, the 1996 Olympic Games.  Built atop a 7-tier parking deck, GIP is a 7 acre green roof located in the heart of downtown Atlanta. As is the case with all green roofs, weight is an issue.  A light weight soil mix was mixed off site and trucked into garden.  Since the garden was very shallow, the soil mix was moved into the garden after the trees were placed.  Irrigation was critical as the trees were dug and installed in full leaf, and we only lost 1 tree!  SKB had just 3 weeks to complete the project so we worked 18 hours a day, 7 days a week to complete it in time for the opening day.