Bunche Middle School

Atlanta, GA

More than 700, 4-6″ caliper trees were installed at Bunche Middle School, an Atlanta Public School.  The rootballs were so heavy and the canopies so large that only 5-6 trees could fit on a semi truck.  That’s over 100 loads!  Trees were planted on every available space so it looks as though the school was built in a forest.  In addition to the hundreds of trees planted around the site, the school has 3 courtyards that are extensively landscaped.  The courtyards are surrounded by walls of windows so the students can view the landscape from inside the school and feel like they are a part of it. Since the courtyards are not accessible from the outside, all plant material had to be brought in through the building.  Irrigation was not  a part of the project so we had to hand water all trees using our 1000 gallon water truck.