Commercial Floral Design

SKB Industries’ award-winning commercial floral design program is unique in that it is all-inclusive. All fertilizers, soil amendments, and pesticides necessary for the preparation, installation, and maintenance required for stellar flower beds are included in your price. With your input, our certified landscape designer can plan your beds with your budget in mind. The goal is to deliver show-stopping beds that will enhance your property’s curb appeal.

Flower Bed Preparation

  • Soil conditioner is added to beds to improve drainage and aeration.
  • Lime is applied according to the results of soil tests taken in January.
  • The soil conditioner and lime are incorporated in the soil by tilling to a depth of 8”.

Flower Installation

  • Flowers in 4” or 1 gallon pots are installed anywhere from 6” – 12” spacing depending on variety.
  • A slow release fertilizer is applied around each plant.
  • Pine bark mini-nuggets are spread as mulch to reduce weeds and decrease water loss.
  • A pre-emergent herbicide, liquid fertilizer, and a fungicide drench are applied at planting.


  • Regular site visits are made to inspect and treat for insects, diseases and weeds.
  • Flowers are trimmed and old flowers removed.
  • Bark is replenished where necessary.

Your personalized commercial floral design begins months prior to the actual landscaping installation. We research nurseries, growers, and trade literature to keep abreast of new market trends. We want our flower beds to be the best in the city.   Your satisfaction is paramount to our success.