Protecting Landscapes From Heavy Rainfall

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Protecting Landscapes From Heavy Rainfall

By Christina Howard

SKB Landscape Rainfall

Protecting landscapes from heavy rainfall when you start to see your property become stressed is imperative! It is good to know some of the common impacts that may be occurring so as to not feel as if your landscape company is dropping the ball. SKB Industries and SKB Turf recognizes and implements certain workarounds to ensure that your commercial landscape is well-taken care of during these stressful periods.

Mother Nature

Wouldn’t all our dreams come true if Mother Nature was always consistent? Providing landscapes with ideal temperatures between 60-65 degrees at night and 80-85 degrees during the day. Giving rain that only falls each week with a max of 2-3 inches. Holding back inclement weather that disrupts landscape maintenance. The reality is, weather can be very unpredictable which sometimes disrupts the flow of landscape management. Weather plays a huge role in lawn care results! That is why it is always best to educate clients of these results. When Mother Nature is having an off day, week or even month – communication with your client is the first step to take.

Excessive Rain

Rain that is falling on treated landscapes can be a nightmare! The reality, this isn’t a huge stressor because your turf is going to be just fine! Some business owners believe that rainwater will wash away any product that was recently applied. Truth is, is that this rainfall will help accelerate the process of activation within the soil. There will be very little product that will be lost in runoff. Even with liquid weed control, it only takes a couple of hours to set in eliminating the threat of rainfall washing it away. Sometimes it is very hard to predict weather and schedule lawn care treatments around rain. SKB is proactive in our approach and knows when your landscape is not responding to treatments. We will schedule a revisit at no cost to handle the situation and implement an action plan.

Lawn Care

Lawn care and protecting landscapes from heavy rainfall can still work, but also keep in mind of issues that occur no matter how many treatments are done. Crabgrass may begin to grow as a result of excessive rain. Turfgrass diseases may emerge (Brown Patch and Red Thread) from fungi that grow in conditions of hot and wet areas. Even with issues such as the ones above, there isn’t an immediate need to worry! SKB uses post-emergent crabgrass while our lawn care crew treats turfgrass disease early on to prevent and contain any damage.