Go Green

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Go Green

By Judy Yohe

“Go Green” is more than just a tag line here at SKB Industries. One of the more interesting ways we recycle is by repurposing irrigation controllers. Usually, old controllers are just thrown away, but SKB is joining the movement to recycle used controllers and help others in the process.

Many of the components of a controller are plastic, metal and electronic which means most parts can be recycled. SKB’s recycling program is an important part of our mission to preserve the land and to prevent irrigation controllers from piling up in landfills.


We recycle controllers through one of our distributors, which underwrites sending the controllers to Blue Star Recyclers, a Colorado-based non-profit social enterprise that recycles electronics. But best of all, Blue Star Recyclers provides jobs for people with disabilities, primarily autism. Bill Morris, one of the founders of Blue Start Recyclers, helped create the business in 2009 after discovering that people with Autism and other disabilities possess an innate talent for the tasks involved in recycling and refurbishing electronic components.

It has been reported that for every 1,000 pounds of irrigation controllers that are recycled, 28 pounds of hazardous heavy metals never make it to a landfill, saving taxpayers almost $80 and prevents about 1,400 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions.

Blue Star has recycled around 14 million pounds of electronics in the past 10 years and saved taxpayers an estimated $1.5 million.

SKB is proud to “Go Green” and help reduce waste in the landscape!