Changing Your Landscape With The Season

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Changing Your Landscape With The Season

By Christina Howard

Each season is unique in that it presents its own set of challenges and issues for your landscape. Knowing what these issues may be can help maintain and/or prevent them from happening. When it comes to SKB Industries, we have a lot of resources and tools to help determine issues within your commercial landscape throughout each season so we are able to be proactive in our approach – keeping your landscape vibrant and healthy!


Spring is the perfect time to address any issues or damages your landscape may have taken during Winter. Replanting trees or shrubs that may have died while installing perennials/annual flowers are just some of the things that should be handled at the start of Spring.

Seasonal Landscape


Summer can be a critical season due to excessive heat factors, drought and lawn issues. By keeping your irrigation system set so that both plants and turf are receiving the correct amount of hydration is necessary to keep them from drying out. The Summer season also presents problems such as lawn diseases and pests because both love to thrive in warm, damp environments.

Irrigation Head


Fall is the ideal time for planting because of the warm days, cool nights and substantial amounts of rainfall. During this time, it is best to install plants such as perennials, trees or shrubs. Not only do these plants thrive during this season, they adds seasonal color to your landscape.



Winter is spent preparing for Spring and maintaining landscapes – making sure all winter tasks are completed. Tasks such as dormant pruning, planting bulbs and taking care of any issues that may arise is the main focus.

tree pruning