Aerating and Overseeding

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Aerating and Overseeding

By Christina Howard

aerating and overseeding

Aerating and Overseeding is a great method of repairing lawns suffering from summer stress. SKB Industries and SKB Turf understands that Fall is a key time for this service since growing conditions are favorable. This season is optimal because there is less competition from weeds. Another reason to take advantage of this time would be when planting new grass. It gives it time to get established before the taxing summer season returns.

First Step

The first step is to make several passes over the lawn with a machine known as a core aerator. This machine removes plugs of soil and excessive thatch from the lawn which then creates holes within the turf. Air, water, and fertilizer are then able to move easily while traveling to the roots.

Second Step

Next, the lawn is overseeded by broadcasting new grass seed throughout the turf with a spreader. The holes left by aeration will catch the seed and provide better seed-to-soil contact for improved germination rates. To ensure successful growth, the soil needs to keep moist for several weeks after overseeding.

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