5 Landscape Design Mistakes

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5 Landscape Design Mistakes

By Christina Howard

As every property manager knows, your business’ landscape is one of the first things your customer sees. Although it is important to have a beautiful landscape design that may have taken years of work and planning to maintain – you want to also make sure your landscape company is avoiding these costly mistakes!

Too Little Color

Your business front should never lack luster when it comes to color. Monochromatic palettes are lovely, but in the business of landscape architecture, a well-placed burst of color makes a huge impact on the overall aesthetic of your landscape. Infusing vibrant colors such as a flowering tree or a bit of seasonal foliage will add life to your landscape and create depth and space.

Commercial Flower Bed

Landscape Cramps

We’ve all seen this common mistake – a crowded landscape! Flowerbeds with too many tight rows and trees tangled together with not enough space to breathe and grow. Don’t settle for a cramped landscape, but instead make sure your landscape design has space! SKB knows exactly how much space plants need in order to thrive while maintaining them in accordance with their needs.

Consider Scale

As a commercial landscape company, we always keep in mind the space we are working with. If we are presented with a large space, tiny shrubs won’t make an impact. Knowing that massive trees can overwhelm a tiny space and smaller blossoms will be swallowed up by a big plot if they’re not carefully incorporated is key when mapping out the landscape. Taking the time to study the scale of each landscape is critical when choosing plants that will fill it!

Shade and Water Requirements

When making the decisions on seeds or plants, it is best to take note of their cultural requirements, and then compare each plant to the landscape. If there is shade, you’ll need a shade-tolerant plant. If there is a lot of sunlight in a specific area, it is wise to use a heat-tolerant plant. Always remember, plants will not thrive if the conditions aren’t right.

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Combining Incompatible Plants

Eye catching landscapes make the most of interesting plant combinations by pairing plants together that have unusual colors and textures. One thing we always keep in mind is the pairing of plants that have similar sunlight and shade requirements. You should only pair together plants that like the same types of environments which will ensure that your whole landscape thrives. The same goes for water requirements. Planting water-loving plants next to ones that need less will cause one or both plants to become stressed and eventually die out.