Commercial Landscape Management

With a detailed focus on goals for your commercial property, we are consistently changing the way landscape services are delivered. From our maintenance and enhancements division to our design and development department, our years of experience and knowledge allows us to create a seamless plan for the entire lifecycle of your properties landscape.



As a commercial landscape and maintenance contractor, SKB installs commercial landscapes of any size. Our scope includes renovations to rooftop gardens; schools to senior communities; recreational fields to municipal arenas; retail centers to industrial office complexes; and churches to health care facilities. We enjoy mutually beneficial relationships with key landscape architects, developers,  General Contractors, and property owners in the Atlanta Metro area. Our staff includes certified landscape designers, certified erosion control specialists and OSHA certified laborers. 

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SKB maintains the landscapes on commercial properties throughout Atlanta. A specific landscaping crew is assigned to your property to perform landscape maintenance on the same day and time each week. Our landscape supervisors make weekly visits to your property to complete a Landscape Maintenance Evaluation of our work and determine tasks necessary for the next visit.  Besides our comprehensive weekly Maintenance Guidelines, we offer additional specialized landscaping installation and maintenance services such as pesticide application, fertilization injection, irrigation management, blowing hardwood mulch, and seasonal color.

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SKB’s irrigation crew manages the irrigation systems in our maintenance portfolio. The experienced team performs routine maintenance on existing systems and provides suggestions for improvements to increase water conservation. We use controllers with the newest technology to efficiently irrigate your landscape. These “Smart” controllers use data such as rainfall, temperature, plant type, and growing conditions to determine how long the system should run to deliver the required amount of water necessary for healthy plant growth.

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Floral Design

SKB has designated crews to install and maintain our award-winning flower beds. We have a landscape designer on staff to create flower beds that will insure a lasting impression. Once your flowers are installed, we will maintain your beds throughout the season included in the flower program. The landscaping crew visits each site regularly to provide maintenance by removing spent flowers and pruning to manage plant size while inspecting for insects, diseases, and weeds.

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SKB has 400 acres in turf production in Elko, Georgia near Perry. We grow Tifway 419 Bermuda and Emerald Zoysia which we have the capability to harvest in pallets or mega rolls.

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